Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Down Again

Money and the lack of it seems to rule my life; how about you?

Daily worries that I have not paid something creep up on me day and night


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Quotes By Archie

True love conquers all! Just make sure its love and not an emotional or physical itch you are getting scratched to the detriment of your real life.

Never doubt yourself, when you do so does everyone else.

When in focus the smallest things are often the most beautiful

When in doubt, do what everyone else is around in an aimless fashion trying to look busy.

Science is a lie made up by people trying to explain God.

Innocence attracts evil like flies to honey, we should spend our time defending it with love.

When in doubt Guess

A thornless rose would have no character

Few people understand that happiness is the only true benchmark of success.

War does not just kill the enemy (who knows who that really is anyway!) it kills a piece of each combatant with every shot fired

When presented with two paths it is amazing how we always end up of the hard one.

A single toy to a poor child means more than a mountain of gold to a rich man

A man who has every thing has less than the poorest beggar if he has not got his health

Imagine the world and all its sad stories, then remember how little you have to be depressed about.

Despair is always closest to those who will not see the light

No one knows better than I do (other than my wife)

Suicide is often spoken of, seldom done and always regretted

Physical beauty often hides an ugly soul

Teenagers and wives are always right even when it is obvious that they are not.

If you help a lazy fool do not expect gratitude, if you stop helping a lazy fool; dont worry their is always some one else who will fall for the same story.

Poverty always smells the same.......BAD

It only takes one idiot to spoil a day and one smile to make one better.

It is easier to spend money on good friends than time

No one acts more innocent than a person who has done something wrong

An empty wallet is better than a heart full of sorrow

Friday, July 22, 2005

Oh Damn

Here am I ranting yesterday while the poor guys in London are getting blasted again. I must say though that the "terrorists" seem to be rather incompetant!!! I mean why not do the job right and set of a Big One at such hour in a busy station then it would make a real mess? The just pop firecrackers and injure/kill a few people.

Welcome to London/Tel Aviv/Jerusalem.

Good luck guys i reckon it is going to get a LOT worse before it gets better.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A New Day

Having driven almost 1000 miles over the last two days I am exhausted but still the work flows in! Oh well it is a New day and life keeps on moving.

It is amazing to me to see on the News the mass outcry relating to the London bombings as more people die here a day from being drunk and falling in front of massivly overladen mini busses than died in this tragedy.

Aids kills so many people here that there are areas where there are no adults at all and hundreds of babies die from malnutrition and dysentry weekly.

Still I understand that a bomb is different, fear is a tool that we in South Africa are all to familiar with; heck half of our government used it to get into power in the first place! You probably didnt know that "ANC" gunmen killed a whole bunch of people by 1. Walking into a church and opening fire with Automatic wepons killing at random because the people worshiping were white or that 2. They did the same thing in a busy pub.

Todays terrorist is tommorows freedom fighter. So be carefull with the labels.

In my opinion they are murderers without concience regardless of their motivation.

Chat again soon


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Traveling Man

I never seem to get a break thank goodness I love to travel or I would be old and grey by now.....oh well older and more grey!

The average week includes at least one 300km trip but next week takes the cake! one 300km driven trip, 2 one hour flights another 200 km driven trip and all of this in one day!!!! Then the following week I am doing a 1000km driven trip sheesh miles to go until I sleep!

The best thing about traveling is that I get to see EVERYTHING, you know? from poverty to princes dressed in skins and from deer (try not to drive into them please) to larger game and plenty on monkeys.

Africa is a cool place to travel in!

I love seaside driving, watching the waves skim by feathering white horses in the wind as the sand dusts the car at speed; does it get better than this? Well maybe yes; nice to be home with my family too where my love is strong and my heart is full.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Life is like that

You know how sometimes things go wrong? well this has to the top of the pops for things going wrong in any year in my life! check out the list!!!

1. January..walking in the garden and broke my leg in 4 places
2. Just recovered (70%) from the leg thing and get the worst dose of the flu ever
3. My car breaks down on a really scary highway
4. I drive my Boss's car into a deer.

In between my kids have ad the measles, one had an appendectimy, my wife has hives and I am trying to find a decent builder to fix my house!

All in all a really bad 6 months.

And why oh why is all of this happening? Well thats pretty simple, I moved from my happy home in the big city to a small rural area in the hope of finding a safer place for my kids to grow up (we had armed breakins in my old house!)

Still I am living in a really beautiful place and all will work out in time (sheesh I really hope so anyway!)

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Broke the car

Damn its irritating, cruising along minding my own beeswax and out of nowhare in the middle of a narrow road out runs a deer, I swerved but the stupid thing ran right back into the car......aaaaagh what a bloody mess. The deer is fine, ran off into the bush but the car has damage. Man I hope the weekend improves things!!!!